SatoshiTango officially announced its arrival in Brazil

SatoshiTango is based in Argentina and has its own operations in Chile, Peru, but announced its official landing in Brazil

The company SatoshiTango officially announced its arrival in Brazil and began operations in 2014, originally as an exchange of Bitcoin and Ethereum and currently offers a portfolio of financial services linked to various cryptosystems. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español from Argentina.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, it currently has its own operations also in Chile, Peru and now announced its official landing in Brazil. They also stated that they already work with clients in 93 other countries.

At the time of the announcement its CEO and co-founder Matias Bari, said:

„Our six years of experience give us the track record necessary to land with strength and solidity in the most important market in the region. We are fully aware that the young investor in this country is familiar with crypto-currencies, and we want to accompany them with innovative proposals that will help them fulfill their projects and with the service of excellence that distinguishes us“.

Services and projections

The company is not only dedicated to the purchase and sale of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies but, from its web platform and mobile app they facilitate different services and investment alternatives.

SatoshiTango is planning a 2021 with services and products specially designed for the Brazilian market. In addition, within its plans are to grow the team and have a strong presence in the crypto scene in Brazil and globally.

„We want to offer the Brazilians reliable financial solutions and alternatives according to their needs,“ concluded Bari.

Some figures to keep in mind

  • Currently, SatoshiTango has 500 thousand active users.
  • More than one million operations with bitcoin were performed in six years in SatoshiTango.